With a proven track record
What we do
๏ Hard Surface modeling
๏ Vehicles, vehicles, vehicles
๏ Model based on photos, CAD data, raw scan, existing models
๏ Produce game-ready assets from mobile to AAA quality
๏ Engine integration (Unreal, Unity, Proprietary)
๏ Refactor old assets (from earlier projects, etc)
๏ Consultation
๏ 3D scan, photo shooting

How we do it
๏ 30+ full-time artists + long-term contractors
๏ Internal QA to ensure quality and game-ready approach
๏ Internal Tools & Technology team to aid production
๏ Constant asset, project and issue tracking for client satisfaction
๏ 3D scan peripherals & tools
We are comfortable with
From recent clients
Gergő Panker
3D Car Production Manager / Kunos Simulazioni

"We have worked extensively with Artery throughout a large chunk of the development of Assetto Corsa and now Assetto Corsa Competizione, and they have played an important part in increasing the level of quality in our 3D car production, which today is one of the strong points of our titles. Their team is highly flexible when it comes to working on projects of various scopes and requirements, which is often necessary in this line of work, while reliably providing us with consistent quality content.”

Riccardo Santelli
Studio Outsourcing Manager / Milestone

"We have been collaborating with Artery Studios for many years with excellent results; they have indeed produced many of our vehicles for almost all of our racing games. They have an adequate structure and perfectly aligned with our pipeline. They represent a reliable and timely partner."

Michal Krzeminski
Art Producer / CD Projekt Red

“I had the occasion to work with the guys from Artery Studios. Communication with the team at Artery was great throughout the project, the assets they delivered were very good quality, and they remained flexible in terms of costs, schedules and the number of people allocated to our project. All these factors prompt me to say that I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking for that kind of service. Artery will be one of the first outfits I will contact if I need any outsource help in the future.”

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